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Special Campaigns

When an organization is entering a pivotal period around a specific, long-term goal – such as building a new facility, creating an endowment, or launching something new – Cloudbreak can support you in determining how to identify and secure the necessary resources to fuel your vision. We come alongside you on the journey from big idea to big finish. Cloudbreak partners with you to strategically build your internal capacity, center community priorities in your campaign vision and plans, activate your Board, staff, and volunteer leaders, and engage your community of supporters. 


  • Campaign Readiness - You have a big vision, but have not yet confirmed your plans or project costs. We partner with you to accomplish project definition, build your fundraising team and know-how, and equip you to start conversations with potential supporters. The outcomes of this collaboration are engaged leaders and supporters and a plan to advance your campaign vision.   

  • Campaign Planning/Feasibility - You want a red/yellow/green light assessment of your campaign. The Cloudbreak team can support you in answering key questions about revenue targets, scenario planning, internal capacity, and campaign leadership. We will partner with you on conversations with potential early and lead campaign supporters.  The outcomes of this collaboration are a working campaign case for support, prepared campaign leaders, cultivated supporters, and a feasible campaign goal and timeline. 

  • Campaign Counsel - You are actively fundraising and want strategic guidance and hands-on leadership for every phase of your campaign, especially as circumstances evolve.  The outcomes of this collaboration are keeping your campaign on track to accomplish your vision and plans with a larger circle of supporters and expanded internal capacity to fundraise beyond the campaign. 

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