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Special Campaigns

When an organization is entering a period of intense fundraising around a specific, long-term goal–such as building a new facility, creating an endowment, or launching something new–Cloudbreak can support you in determining how much money you can raise to fuel that project, how to strategically build your capacity to raise those funds, and how to track and manage through the complexity of multi-year fundraising campaigns. 

  • Campaign Feasibility - for those wanting a red or green light assessment, the Cloudbreak team can support you in asking difficult questions about revenue targets, fundraising capacity, scenario planning, and the pros and cons of embarking on a big campaign. 

  • Campaign Readiness & Planning - once you have determined that you will move forward in launching a new special campaign, we can partner with you to build the plan and infrastructure to help you meet your goals. This includes staffing, systems, tools, knowledge, skills, targets, tracking systems, and more. 

  • Campaign Counsel - for those actively in a campaign, we walk alongside you to support you in executing plans and adapting as circumstances change. 

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