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Elevating and Clarifying Nonprofit Fundraising.

Cloudbreak is a team of fundraisers and writers. We deliver clear, calm, action-oriented fundraising services for nonprofits of all sizes, missions, and locations.


Cloudbreak is based in the Pacific Northwest. In this gray area of the country, moments when the sun shines through the clouds often feel like a collective deep breath. A new perspective. A lifting of the real and figurative fog. We aim to achieve this moment of cloudbreak with our clients, working alongside you to untangle fundraising, clarify your goals, and find simple paths forward.

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Grants &

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Fundraising Plans & Appeals

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Major Donor Relationships


Let's Work Together

Many of the consultants affiliated with Cloudbreak Collective are rooted in the close-knit communities that surround the Greater Seattle area, such as Bainbridge Island, Port Townsend, Bellingham, Gig Harbor, Whidbey Island, Walla Walla, and more. While we work with many established, large, or urban nonprofits, we find our services most often lead to those moments of "cloudbreak" for small or new organizations; those in small town, rural, or island communities; and those with few to no dedicated fundraising staff. 

We have worked with nonprofit clients in Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Hawaii, Alaska, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Alaska, and more. We customize our approach based on whether you are a large, established urban organization or a young, small, or rural nonprofit, or something in between.

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