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Fundraising Plans & Appeals

Individual donors give to mission-driven organizations who can clearly articulate the impact they intend to have on the world around them. We support nonprofit organizations in telling a compelling story that centers around your community and impact while inviting individual donors to join you. Specifically, we help by:

  • Planning - we will work with you to examine what you have done in the past to raise money, which strategies hold potential for the future, where to focus your limited time and resources, and how to measure your fundraising success. 


  • Calendaring & Management – we will partner with you to build a cohesive strategy for your donor-facing appeals and reports throughout the year, calendar out activities, and then lead the writing and distribution for each item throughout the year. 

  • Writing – we will write compelling and effective donor-facing content for a range of settings including: holiday appeals, sponsorship appeals, annual appeals, online giving events, special one-time solicitations, newsletters, annual reports, and more. 

  • Distributing – we will work with you to build a plan to get your appeal or report out there through email, website, social media, print mail, and more; and then we will help you walk through the process of distributing the appeal through each of these avenues.

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